NEWS PICK: What Fashion Brands Can Learn From The Tech Spirit

This article has an interesting take. While at FXF we constantly insist on the essential role of branding, this article offers an interesting angle to the question. Use the tech point of view to stay relevant : focus more Customer centric, transparency as brands’ need to become very good at telling their story and sharing their culture andContinue reading “NEWS PICK: What Fashion Brands Can Learn From The Tech Spirit”

DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How To Fire The Wrong Customer

  Hi Guys, As a winning argument to defend the idea that any business in general especially fashion businesses should target their ideal customers, I would like to share the lessons of my recent experience of firing a customer. In which case should you fire a customer? Ever had a grumpy customer who demeans yourContinue reading “DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How To Fire The Wrong Customer”

Because It Was Just The Wrong Customer

Hi guys, exceptionally this Monday, instead of a fashion quote we will talk about a wonderful fashion short movie. “Once Upon A Time…” by Karl Lagerfeld tells the story of Coco Chanel, at the early years of her business, when she opened her first real boutique in Deauville. The movie starts with two women criticizing and laughing atContinue reading “Because It Was Just The Wrong Customer”

DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How To Use Social Media To Better Know Your Target Customer?

Hi Guys, After our ‘Social Media Series For Fashion Brands’ series, we thought of another use you can make of social media. In order to make proper financial estimates when you write your fashion business plan, you need to perfectly know your target customer to justify the strategy you are going to apply. And onContinue reading “DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How To Use Social Media To Better Know Your Target Customer?”

DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How to identify your target customer?

Source : Getty Images – Vetta Ilya Terentyev Hi all, Targetting your target customer is often a tricky question to answer for the fashion designers I work with. And I don’t know why but they keep giving me this answer : “I target everybody”. So this is the first thing you need to understand in order to makeContinue reading “DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How to identify your target customer?”