DESIGNER TOOLBOX: How to identify your target customer?


Source : Getty Images – Vetta Ilya Terentyev

Hi all,

Targetting your target customer is often a tricky question to answer for the fashion designers I work with. And I don’t know why but they keep giving me this answer : “I target everybody”.

So this is the first thing you need to understand in order to make an impact: before starting planning your business strategy, you need to define a target customer and identify who will best respond to your design.

This resource by Scaling Retail and released by WCF  offers a quick guide to start investigating the subject. Two cases are presented: new brands and already existing brands that already made sales.

For new brands, it is suggested to use your direct competition as your starting point. Observe how they do, in what kind of press they communicate, their distribution channels, the location of their sales points and the profile of followers they have on social media.

For already existing brand, use the statistics you have on hand to best understand where you sales come from and which pieces best work. Plus you also can ask feedback from your customer to better understand their needs.

I hope you will…



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